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Southern African Marketing Project

Project Overview

This project's primary objective is to encourage and expand the use of within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Broadly, the objectives of the marketing project are attained by such methods as:
  • Public representation of the project to the media, public, business and government.
  • Marketing initiatives designed to increase public awareness such as advertising, published editorials and conference papers.
  • Expanding and improving distribution through initiatives such as the community distribution programme.
  • Incubating, supporting and facilitating projects such as the Education Project, localisation & translation efforts and regional support facilities.
Marketing of is a complex issue, not least due to the fact the is a project and community, not a business. This raises issues such as fund-raising, soliciting sponsorship and attracting volunteers for specific projects and other operational purposes.


If you are interested in participating in the Southern African Marketing Project, please subscriube to the mailing list and introduce yourself to the rest of the members. The level of commitment you are prepared to make is up to you and any positive input and activity will be appreciated.


All work is undertaken on a voluntary basis with some costs being borne by those individuals willing and able to assist. Should you, or your organisation, be interested in sponsoring the efforts of this project, please contact Craig Adams by email at [email protected].

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