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As with any application, the best way to increase efficient use of is to ensure that users have sufficient training. This section provides some information regarding training providers and materials for use by training organisations and end users.

Training Material training material in the form of books and workbooks for can be obtained from a number of sources including and Titles of interest include: If you are looking for, or offer formalised training material, please contact Craig Adams or visit the Education project under "Local Projects" above.

Sample Material

We have four introductory training presentations available in Macromedia Flash format kindly provided by Digital Distribution.
We also have the free edition of Solveig Haugland's Essentials training manual.


Whilst there are currently no official certifications available specifically for, the suite can be used to qualify for the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL). All ICDL centres in South Africa have access to Open Source training materials and examinations, which incorporate components of into the curriculum.

Sun Microsystems offers formalised training and certification for StarOffice. Due to the fact that StarOffice is based upon, Sun's training and certification is relevant to the user.

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