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Downloading is available for download from a number of servers worldwide. Currently there are two of these official mirrors in South Africa. You may select one of the mirrors listed below or choose to download from the official download page.

Unless you are looking for testing versions of, please only download and install the "stable" version.


If you would like to become an official mirror, please consult the Mirrors Project. We also ask that you notify the South African portal by emailing us on [email protected].

Category 1 - Stable, Developer, Contrib & Localised

Internet Solutions
You can find the mirror at

Category 2 - Stable, Contrib & Localised

No Local Mirrors.

Category 3 - Stable & Contrib

No Local Mirrors.

Category 4 - Any mix of the four directories as the mirror is able to do.

South African Internet Exchange (SAIX)
You can find the mirror at

Unofficial Mirrors

These mirrors are not official Mirrors and may not be completely up to date.

Stellenbosch University
You can find the mirror at

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