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Afrikaans Dictionary
The Afrikaans dictionary was compiled and packaged by based on pre-existing work by numerous other people. A great deal of effort went into contacting all the previous authors of the Afrikaans word lists and persuading them place their work under Open Source licences.

In order to install the Afrikaans dictionary download the Dictionary Installer and the Afrikaans Language Pack from the Internet Solutions Mirror.

  • Open the Dictionary Installer (DicOOo.sxw) and allow macros to be run.

  • Click on "English" and then the "Start DicOOo" button.

  • Put a tick next to the "Off-line language pack installation" and then select the language pack you downloaded (

  • Click "Next >>" and you should see the Afrikaans (South Africa) dictionary listed, make sure that it is selected by clicking on it.

  • Click "Next >>" again. you will probably get an Internet connection error, if so just click "OK".

  • Unfortunately, we do not have hyphenation dictionaries so just click "Next >>" again.

  • The same applies to the "Thesaurus dictionaries" page, so just click "Next >>" again.

  • Almost there, you need to click "Next >>" again to proceed with the installation.

  • The installation should now be complete, just click "Finish" and the dialogue will dissapear.

For safety sake, please restart before using the Afrikaans dictionary.

If you do have any problems with the installation, please contact one of the support consultants (paid support) listed on this website under Consultants or at [email protected].

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